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The helical pump, or progressive cavity pump, is a positive displacement pump widely used in various industries. It is mainly applied where centrifugal pumps do not get good results.

The main differential characteristics of the equipment are:

  •  Ideal for pumping products of high viscosity (up to 1 000 000 cp) and with abrasives, where the centrifugal pump does not have good yield.
  • Low required NPSH – lowers the risk of cavitation.
  •  Continuous flow allows greater control of flow and working pressure.
  • Smooth pumping does not alter the properties of the pumped fluids.

Product line

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The operation principle of the helical pump is a helical rotor of steel with circular profile that rotates inside a stator with double the pitch, that is made of an elastomer, normally vulcanized inside a carcass of carbon steel.

Depending on the geometry of the rotor and the stator, sealed cavities between suction and discharge are formed. The opening and closing of these cavities creates a depression in the suction nozzle, which causes the fluid to be suctioned and develops a volumetric flow directly proportional to its rotation.

The Helical Pumps operation principle allows the pumping of highly viscous fluids, chemically aggressive and containing solids up to a certain size, where the centrifugal pumps do not have a good performance.

Case studies

Check out some case studies of helical pump applications in the industry:

Bombas Helicoidais

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